The Blue Lotus is a Holistic Center based in Singapore. It was founded in 2009 by natural healer and spiritual advocate, Sri Mulyadi.

Resident Facilitators

Sri Mulyadi

Sri Mulyadi is a gifted natural healer and reader. An interest in Metaphysics in the 90’s led her to the path of learning and practicing Feng Shui and八字 (Bazi).This further opened her into a journey that involves Mystic, Creation and Energy Healing.

Her extensive studies include Breathe Works, Access Transformation, Therapeutic Touch and the highly effective Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing Courses by Elisabeth Jensen. She has also acquired Certificates in Counselling, Practical Hypnosis and Holistic Hypnosis.

Sri offers healings, psychic readings and hypnosis. She teaches Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing Courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Egypt.

Sri has great passion for her work. She has trained many healers and teachers and is always excited to share her experiences and knowledge.

Paul Filmer

Originally from South Australia now living in Singapore, Paul has traveled and explored many cultures to further his spiritual development.

Paul is an Advanced Auset Healer and an authorised Angel Miracles Level 1 & 2 teacher. He is also a certified practitioner for Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT) & Spiritual Restructuring (SPR). These experiences offers Paul great insights into overcoming your problems and belief systems, he uses Auset Temple Healing and readings to start the healing process.He will then be intuitively guided to clear blocks and offer guidance for your development.Paul has previously worked in the Performing Arts for 25 years, and has a degree in Visual Arts. During his studies, he focused on philosophies of Jung, Kandinsky, Rudolf Steiner and Herman Hesse.

Katena Leck

Katena Leck is a warm and open hearted healer. She is also an intuitive and sharp tarot reader. Her strong ability and connection with past life karmic reading and healing makes her a very passionate instrument to helping and healing those who seek. A background in Chinese Metaphysics, a quest for knowledge and subsequent inward questioning led Katena to journey into spirituality and healing.

A chanced evening meditation opened her clairvoyant ability. Courses she took further helped to seal her affinity with past life reading. Finding answers to questions through challenges and her soul journey help empower her to cast some light into ways of healing our soul journey. Katena truly believed in a happy, balanced life through Unconditional Love. Engaging in teachings of universal laws, connecting different modalities and living in the loving energy of Goddesses, helps centre strong healing energy into her session.

Kavita Devi

Kavita specialises in energy healing. She has been interested in spirituality and alternative healing since she was a teenager, when she started learning about meditation. Kavita’s journey of self-discovery has led to her practice of energy healing. Utilising her intuition and guided by her Masters and Guides, she helps her clients achieve a state of well-being.  Each healing session is customised to suit her client’s needs. Kavita also offers tarot readings. She has practised energy healing actively for four years, achieving amazing results with many clients.

Kavita has been enthusiastically supported on her spiritual path by other professional healers whom she considers her mentors.  She studied linguistics and speaks fluent French. She has a special connection with cats, enjoys riding her bicycle in her neighbourhood, satisfies her intellectual curiosity by reading about diverse subjects, and travels whenever she can.

Chai Suo Mei

Suo Mei started her spiritual journey at 2007 by learning Reiki. Following that she learnt Auset Temple Healing, Angel Miracles , POV, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and etc.

She also started learning “Life Blue Print”(生命蓝图) from Jian Xiang Ting (简湘庭老师)since 2014. Shu Mei comes from Malaysia, and graduated from NUS. She is a certified “Life Blue Print” healer and wishes to share with people a way to find your inner peace within yourself and how to create your own future.

The services that she provides are:
The Divine Matrix:  Through Channelling, know how your vibrations and emotions affect your life, health and reality. It also helps one gain a deep healing and attain a balanced and healthy life.
Unique Issues: Helps to dissolve your concern in a quicker way. It will balance, release and heal you from any issue/s that is troubling the individual. For eg. health, money, love issues, etc.
Reconstruct your Nerve system: Release and heal your deep fear and anxiety, balance your nervous system and help to regain back your creativity and prosperity.
Recover your talent from the past: Through this healing, we can bring back your past life talents by balancing and healing your past wounds.


从小就喜欢思索人生的意义,喜欢阅读星座、塔罗、算命、掌纹、长相等书籍。2007年开始至今学习过灵气疗法(Reiki)、爱西斯能量疗法(Auset healing)、奇迹天使(Angel Miracles)、知见心理学(POV)、家族排列(family constellation)、催眠。2010年开始接触到赛斯资料,2013年年底认识了简湘庭老师后,就开始专注在学习“生命蓝图”。





生命中有一些突发与意外事件背後总是有另人想像不到的原因,当我们的生命找不到出口也找不到答案时,藉由 channel 的占卜可以解开这团疑惑,让我们可以清楚明白事件的背後所蕴藏的意义与契机,为生命注入一道曙光、一个希望。对於面对生活 中的突发事件或是面对选择与决定的困难时,生命占卜是绝佳的首选。


单元课题能够集中且快速的清除、疗愈某些特定的负能量。在诞生图中我们可以在不同的区块看见在我们的生命中存在着不同单元的生命课题,在我们的每一个转世中,我们都会选择许多不同的单元课题来学习,例如:关於兄弟姊妹之间族群的接受与连结的单元课题、健康与疾病的单元课 题、婚姻与爱情的单元课题等,这些不同单元的课题都会牵涉到某些特定的族群或人事物,我们往往需要面对某些人事物一段时间,彼此牵引的时间有时长达好几世,有时只有数天,时间的多久,完全要看我们需要被平衡的情感有多少,在单元课题的疗程中可以平衡、释放及疗愈各种纠葛特定的单元课题,并且改变在单元课题中的负能量与实相。



我们大脑突触的发展与子宫期的生长过程攸关着往后生命历程的发展与身心健康, 在无量之网的疗程中,我们可以看见一条肉眼看不见的生命网路能量在我们的身体内运 作,而这一份看不见的无量之网不断地以内在初始的振动能量影响着我们的神经传导、 感官反应与生命模式发展、身心健康与外在世界的境况,在无量之网中我们将深入疗愈子宫期创伤与失衡能量,进而修复这一份原始振动能量一路以来的传导所造成的长期身心健康问题,与外在实相问题。许多儿童、青少年学习困难、情绪障碍、长期各种过敏、 拒学等等身心症,都能得到深度疗愈与健康。


开启天赋潜能是一个能够帮助我们在生命中大跃进、提升创造、正向、积极的特质、发展自己独特潜能与天赋的重要疗程。在生命蓝图里头,我们同时也携带着过去许多的 转世中,我们所拥有的天赋、潜能、以及力量,在这个疗程中我们透过诞生图进入平行 的宇宙中平衡与疗愈我们在这一世发展的过程中所需要的特质,并将转世中的片段体所拥有的潜能与天赋再一次的带到这一世。





Visiting Facilitators

Elisabeth Jensen

ELISABETH JENSEN is a Triple Award Winning Psychic & very gifted Spiritual Healer plus the founder & Principal of AUSET TEMPLE HEALING (formerly Isis Mystery School) Acclaimed International School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

A former Registered Nurse, Midwife & Counsellor Elisabeth is also a remarkable medical intuitive & psychic healer who works with many Spirit Doctors, Archangels & Divinities to create healing miracles for her clients & students.

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Elisabeth has taught frequently in Singapore since 2003. With a mission to teach students to self heal plus to train professional practitioners & teachers in Auset Temple Healing, Hypnosis & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses Elisabeth is a very popular teacher.

Elisabeth has led many incredible Sacred Journeys to Egypt & now leads Healing Pilgrimages to John of God in Brazil.

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