Releasing the Secret Healing Power of the Great Pyramid of Egypt & the Divine Blue Healing Energy of Goddess Auset to YOU!

DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF THE POWER of these Secret Egyptian Healing Codes and why so many healers, nurses, doctors, lawyers and parents around the world are seeking to study this beautiful and remarkably effective system of Alchemical Ancient Egyptian Healing. This is the first course taught in Auset Temple Healing which is like a University for your Soul and is also a spiritual school for a new generation of highly skilled and trained professional healers and psychics.

Auset Temple Healing is a system of Spiritual Energy Healing based on Ancient Egyptian Healing methods and Alchemy. It includes working with energies from the planet Sirius plus the Egyptian Divinities, especially Goddess Auset. Auset is also known as Isis is the Ancient Egyptian Mother Goddess of Magic, Healing and Spiritual Science and attunement/initiation of the student to her powerful blue healing energies are the basis for this highly effective healing modality which is taught over two full days.

ELISABETH JENSEN, the founder of Isis Mystery School and Auset Temple Healing plus the Angel Miracles Courses, has incorporated much of her past research and practice of Energy Medicine and Healing into these courses to ensure it’s a safe and reliable healing system for all. Elisabeth comes from a background as an Australian Registered Nurse and has studied and taught a number of researched based energy healing modalities and is great demand worldwide for her healing abilities. Research in progress has documented profound and seemingly miraculous healings experienced by her clients plus course participants. Elisabeth is also a psychic medium and channelled much lost information from Auset and the Divinities.

AUSET TEMPLE HEALING IS WONDERFUL FOR SELF HEALING plus for family and friends or as a “Hands On” system of healing for clients. The Auset Divine Blue energy is sent from the hands and heart with love and a great healing effect.

The Divine Feminine Indigo Blue Energy of Auset used for this healing system derived from a powerful mystical healing experience Elisabeth had while meditating in the Queens Chamber of The Great Pyramid of Egypt in 2003. The healing energies and teachings have increased each year during her many Isis Sacred Journeys to give Initiations and channelling in the temples and pyramids of Egypt.

This is a beautiful and highly effective system of healing for those with chronic and acute pain, stress, migraines, neck and back problems, chronic fatigue and many other ailments. Both Elisabeth and Auset Temple Healing students and teachers have experienced remarkable results using this system of healing both for themselves and clients. Course students have also received amazing healings following attendance through the “Self- Healing” techniques taught during the course.

Auset Temple Healing is very different system of healing to say Reiki, Sekhem, or Isis Seichim. INCLUDES 3 BEAUTIFUL ENERGY ATTUNEMENTS/INITIATIONS to the Auset Divine Blue Healing energies plus Universal Energy and the Goddesses Auset and Nuit. Activates wonderful healing and psychic abilities latent within us all when your 12 strand DNA & Cosmic Energy Field are activated by this energy. Spiritual Surgery Techniques are also taught – a simple and safe process, wonderful for when nothing else seems to work! PLUS Auset Temple Healing is a planetary system of healing and can heal the environment where it is practised.

This very popular course swept the world in its first year of teaching in 2004. Elisabeth taught it Australia wide, in Singapore and USA and continues to teach internationally now including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Egypt and UK. Elisabeth also trains many professional practitioners, plus Authorised Auset Healing teachers, in this remarkable system of healing to cope with demand for these teachings.

THERE ARE NO ESSENTIAL PREREQUISITES OR PREPARATIONS. Please bring a small natural clear quartz crystal to hold during the attunements if you wish. A vegetarian diet is always recommended for Auset Temple courses, but is not essential.

READING related Articles at first would assist the new student or those wanting more information. Reading Elisabeth’s AUSET EGYPTIAN ORACLE, Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards first is also very helpful.

A reasonable level of physical and emotional health is recommended and receiving personal Auset Temple Healing treatments first is recommended if you suffer acute pain or illness. Not recommended for pregnant women due to the intense energies, although no adverse effects have ever been documented or expressed.

ALL HEALERS, even those with advanced skills, find this workshop greatly enhances their healing abilities but even newcomers become effective healers! All Health Care Professionals can adapt these energies and the knowledge taught to greatly enhance their practice of nursing, medicine or massage.

Includes three beautiful energy attunements/Initiations plus Course Manual & Charts plus Certificate of Attendance. The Isis Lotus Healing Meditation CD and AUSET EGYPTIAN ORACLE, Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards are optional but HIGHLY recommended to purchase & are essential to attend Auset Temple Divination.



Train as a Psychic Oracle of Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Prophecy.

Using beautiful new AUSET EGYPTIAN ORACLE , Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards by Elisabeth Jensen published late 2016. These new cards replace her  Isis Lotus Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magick Cards. These 44 Oracle Cards will enable you to be able to give yourself & others clear, accurate, wise , specific &  insightful readings.

Prerequisite Course: Auset Temple Healing Level One. The Auset Temple Divination course is an essential prerequisite to Auset Temple Healing Level Two.

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards are best purchased in advance to prepare for this course – please read the guidebook prior to the course if possible  – and bring your Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards with you please !

Using the process of Divination – i.e. to commune with the Divinities to access their wisdom and guidance & Alchemy – transforming dense physical energies to higher ones through Initiations/Energy Attunements & Meditations – we will transform our lives then be able to give positive, accurate & healing readings for family and clients.

See your own life, understand why situations are occurring & change your future if you wish using Ancient Egyptian Alchemical ways to do this. Sri has much experience in giving readings plus researched this subject in GREAT detail & these simple practices & meditations are highly effective.
A wonderful way to connect with many of the Ancient Egyptian Divinities & receive their messages plus to enhance your Auset Temple Healing One practice. You will be able to offer such wonderfully helpful & surprisingly specific & wise readings to yourself and family and clients. Includes invoking each Divinity, Egyptian Alchemy, Numerology, Past Life Readings plus how to use the cards for medical intuition if combining Readings & Auset Temple Healings. Includes a highly effective Karmic Release Meditation & Clearing by Sri for all students.

PLUS powerful Energy Attunements/ Initiations to the Egyptian God Horus – to clear & activate your third eye. Plus to Goddess Auset to Initiate you as an Oracle of Auset.

Includes two energy attunements, comprehensive notes, plus a Certificate as an Oracle of Auset.


See Angels & Auras, Speak with Angels & Create Healing Miracles for Yourself.

Level 1

IN THIS BEAUTIFUL AND EXCITING TWO DAY COURSE you will learn to see, touch, talk, CREATE MIRACLES and heal with the angels. Let the angels heal your life! This course is guaranteed to change your life and your perception of the world as you know it and give you inner peace and ability to cope with your challenges in life. Do it for yourself!

A wonderful course for those new to this area OR for advanced practitioners…and is guaranteed to greatly enhance your psychic abilities. Incorporates the channeled teachings of Hamied, Archangel of Miracles.
Experience powerful meditations personally channeled by Elisabeth to connect you with your Guardian angels and Archangels and to receive messages from them.

Includes a Beautiful Energy Attunement to Hamied, Angel of Miracles – plus the powerful TEACHINGS OF HAMIED.
Other methods of receiving messages e.g. automatic writing or dictation, oracle cards and during meditation.

– How to do Angel readings for yourself and friends by reading their aura and communicating directly with angels and spirits.
– How to see and be touched by angels. Everybody in this course can feel or sense angels or touch them and many see them.
– How to draw angel visions, experiences and miracles to you and communicate with deceased loved ones.
– Special methods and practices to enhance your ability to see angels and auras.
– How angels can heal you and your loved ones and how to request a Miracle Healing for yourself and others.Includes two beautiful energy attunements to connect you with the angelic realms quickly and easily and to activate your third eye vision and spiritual hearing and Archangel Raphael’s powerful healing energy.


Level 2

PRE-REQUISITE COURSE:  Angel Miracles Level One
This course will focus on developing your skills to receive messages from angels and to use them to give accurate readings for yourself, family, friends and clients.

You will need to purchase a set of ‘Messages from your Angels’ by Doreen Virtue PHD and we will use these amazing cards as the basis of the readings we do. You will be taught to use them in mainly intuitive way and as a focus for your clairvoyance. Please remember to bring them to the course!

– Highly effective spreads not in the guide book will be demonstrated as well as detailed additional information about the cards.
– Elisabeth’s methods of teaching are UNIQUE to her and very effective!
– Includes methods to further develop your third eye vision so you can read your clients aura and energy, plus further insights on medical intuition and aura colours.
– Two very powerful and beautiful energy attunements including to the Archangels Metatron & Gabrielle to reconnect you energetically to your psychic self & to assist you with readings.
– Meet your spirit guide to assist you in contacting deceased loved ones for mediumship readings.
– Learn to channel messages DIRECT from the Angels and Spirit World for yourself and clients!
– Spiritual Counselling skills to enable you to always give an uplifting and positive reading.
– Skills in identifying the source of messages Angels or Departed Loved Ones.
– Find answers to personal concerns in this highly experiential and interactive course.
– Please bring extra sets of Doreen Virtue Oracle Cards if you have them as you will be shown how to do detailed readings using multiple card decks.