A Leap of Love

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Date: 29 February 2020 (Saturday)
Time: 1900—2100 hrs
Facilitator: Cheryl Neo
Venue: The Blue Lotus

Walking through the 29th of February is almost like walking through a rare portal made only accessible to us every four years. Many numerologists also believe that the leap year day holds a rare vibration, which allows us a window of opportunity to move forward and jumpstart aspects of our life we want to manifest and create.

Take a leap of love this February 29th, 2020 and come experience the beauty and magic of the Goddess Hathor in a meditation circle that will focus on aligning your heart and mind to the energies of a higher love. Known as the Beautiful One and the Goddess of Love, Music, and Dance, Goddess Hathor’s Temple at Dendera is a sanctuary that radiates with the energy of love and joy.

Whether you are looking to work on self-love, to manifest a Divine Star Soulmate, or simply to invite more loving energy into your life, her Divine Love and wisdom are especially important and much needed at this time of transition and our evolution.

To mark this special leap year day, attendees will also get to enjoy a sound healing attunement using Himalayan singing bowls. Just like at Dendera Temple in Ancient Egypt, experience the miraculous healing powers of sound combined with the powerful unconditional love of Goddess Hathor.

Cheryl Neo is a natural intuitive. A pragmatic at heart, she wholeheartedly embraced the path of the sacred rebel when her life transformed through a series of milestone hits and misses, which sent her through a course of life-changing events. Her recent journey to Egypt has inspired her to continue path-working with the Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Egypt; and she hopes to share the immense joy that Goddess Hathor has brought to her life with those ready to experience the transformational love and beauty of the Goddess.