Angel Miracles Psychic Development

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Date: 24 & 25 Aug 2024 (Sat & Sun)
Time: 1000—1800 (Daily)
Facilitator: Wendy Lim
Venue: The Blue Lotus

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your seat.

Angel Miracles Psychic Development

*Previously called Angel Miracles — Level 1.

See Angels & Auras, Speak with Angels & Create Healing Miracles for Yourself. 

In this beautiful and exciting two-day course, you will learn to see, touch, talk, create miracles and heal with the angels. Let the angels heal your life! This course is guaranteed to change your life and your perception of the world as you know it and give you inner peace and ability to cope with your challenges in life. Do it for yourself! 

A wonderful course for those new to this area or for advanced practitioners that is guaranteed to greatly enhance your psychic abilities. The course incorporates the channeled teachings of Hamied, Archangel of Miracles.

Experience powerful meditations personally channeled by Elisabeth and/or Sri to connect you with your Guardian Angels and Archangels to receive messages from them.

The course includes a Beautiful Energy Attunement to Hamied, Angel of Miracles, plus the powerful Teachings of Hamied. Other methods of receiving messages are also taught, e.g. automatic writing or dictation, oracle cards, and during meditation. You will learn:

  • How to do Angel psychic readings for yourself and friends by reading their aura and communicating directly with angels and spirits.
  • How to see and be touched by angels. Every participant in this course can feel or sense angels or touch them and many see them.
  • How to draw angel visions, experiences, and miracles to you, and use clairvoyance to communicate with deceased loved ones.
  • Special methods and practices to enhance your ability to see angels and auras.
  • How angels can heal you and your loved ones and how to request a Miracle Healing for yourself and others.

    Includes two beautiful energy attunements to connect you with the angelic realms quickly and easily and to activate your third eye vision and spiritual hearing and Archangel Raphael’s powerful healing energy.

    Includes course workbook plus a Certificate of Attendance.