Auset Temple Trance Channeling

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Date: 31 July 2021 (Saturday), 1 August 2021 (Sunday)
Time: 1000—1800 hrs (Daily)
Facilitator: Sri Mulyadi
Venue: The Blue Lotus
Exchange: $600.00

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your seat.

*Elisabeth Jensen's courses in July and August 2020 have now been rescheduled to occur between late March to April 2022 due to travel restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis.

Date: March, April 2022
Time: 1000—1800 hrs (Daily)
Facilitator: Elisabeth Jensen
Venue: The Blue Lotus
Exchange: $800.00

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to secure your seat.

Prerequisite Course(s): Angel Miracles Psychic Development (*Previously called Angel Miracles — Level 1), Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship, Auset Temple Healing — Level 1 and Auset Temple Divination.

Learn to verbally Trance Channel the Archangels Hamied and Michael, plus the Ancient Egyptian Divinities.

By Assuming The God or Goddess Form great wisdom can be received and transmitted. Greatly benefits all on a Spiritual path including Holistic Hypnotherapists and Healers. The Egyptian divinities are so wise and powerful so you can learn to channel very valuable information and energies from them.

This is a Professional Level Course that will enable you to give amazing Channeled Client Readings by phone or in person. We also train you to give remarkable Group Public Channeling Events plus Elisabeth will ensure you also have the confidence to do this. Students are advised to attend any of Elisabeth's Channeling Events to prepare for this course please. Please bring your favourite Angel Cards plus your Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards.

It is highly recommended to please bring a natural clear quartz crystal ball to this course. This is a two-day course.