Reiki 2

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Reiki 2

Date: TBA
Time: 1000—1700 hours (Daily)
Facilitator: Justin Saw
Venue: The Blue Lotus

A non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is required to secure your seat.

Reiki 2

Prerequisite Course: Reiki 1

Reiki 2 is the advance level for the Reiki course; an expanded opening of the energy channel. This course allows participants to gain a deeper understanding and level of enhancement and control of Reiki, as well as a deeper inward spiritual journey.

Participants will receive the Reiki symbols, which will allow them to connect to the universal energy in a deeper way. They will be taught how to send the healing energy of Reiki over a distance and to enhance and harmonise energy. Other advanced techniques that can facilitate deep emotional healing are also taught.

Reiki 2 is an excellent course for both self-healing and the healing for others.

The Reiki 2 course curriculum includes the following:

  • Introduction and the use of Reiki symbols
  • 1 Reiki attunement
  • Enhance and emphasis Reiki healing
  • Distance Reiki sending
  • Harmonising for space and energy
  • Enhancing full-body healing treatment
  • Giving others an enhanced Reiki treatment
  • Group Reiki distance healing
  • Reiki label
  • Using Reiki with crystals