Shamanic Soul Alchemy

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Date: 26 Jul 2024 (Fri)
Time: 1930—2100 hours
Facilitator: Sri Mulyadi & Vivian Tan
Venue: The Blue Lotus

The Shamanic Soul Alchemy session is an experience that will help one to awaken their connection to the spirit world and discover their personal Power Animal Guide. You’ll be guided by Sri Mulyadi and Vivian Tan, to journey into a deep, altered state of consciousness, with space to shift into profound soul healing.

Besides working with your Power Animal guide, you will be guided to journey further with the Ancient Egyptian Divinities through space, time, dimension and galaxies. Retrieval of Soul Fragments will also be done during this session, in the well known Healing Chambers of Amenti. All healing will be done within your Akashic Records as well. 

The belief of many out there is that the world we live in represents only one level or plane of existence. However, behind or beyond this world lies a world of powers and potencies, of spirits and forces which can guide and help us, if only we would recognise their existence and accept their reality.

Animals in particular are revered for their ability to bridge the gap between these two worlds. They can bring messages to us, and act as our guides in all realms. As they have a spirit-form, as well as a physical form, they can be our guardians and protectors even when they are not present physically.

Through this altered state, you'll be able to experience:

  1. Wisdom of Your Power Animal: Connect and discover the Power Animal Guide that walks beside you.
  2. Soul healing: Release energetic blockages with your Power Animal, and the Egyptian Divinities
  3. Soul Retrieval: Retrieval of Soul Fragments lost through space and time, through an alchemical process

What you’ll need to prepare:
A jacket, a bottle of water and a cushion to rest your head on for comfort, blankets and yoga mats will be provided.

For more details, please reach out to Sri Mulyadi at +65 9622 0514.