The First 7 Years: Inner Child Healing (10 week programme)

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Dates: 13 Jun 2024 (Thurs) / 27 Jun 2024 (Thurs) / 11 Jul 2024 (Thurs) / 25 Jul 2024 (Thurs) / 8 Aug 2024 (Thurs)
Time: 1930—2100 hours
Facilitator: Sri Muyaldi
Venue: Online (Zoom)

Early childhood is an important aspect of human and character development, through our encounters and environment – it constructs our ideology, self-identity, self-beliefs, values, attitudes, subconscious programming along as our attachment styles with ourselves and in our relationships. 

Our inner early childhood may carry subconscious and deep levels of energetic blockages, programming and conditioning from culture, family or society. By healing the early inner child, it will unravel and unveil our true potential and positive possibilities to live our life sovereign, free and with peace and self love for ourselves.

This *10-week energetic healing meditation is an invitation for you to step back in time through regression, to discover the root of negative patterns and limiting beliefs, and come back into harmony with yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. 

In this powerful programme, you will:

  • Discover how unhealed childhood experiences impact your present life.
  • Release limiting beliefs and emotional blockages formed in the first 7 years.
  • Forgive yourself and your parents, fostering deeper family connections.
  • Learn healthy coping mechanisms for emotional regulation.
  • Attract abundance and financial security by healing your relationship with money.
  • Break free from the cycle of negativity and create a nurturing environment for yourself and future generations.

We’ll be healing:

  • Early Childhood: Rebuilding a strong sense of self-worth and identity, attachment styles. (13 Jun)
  • Toddlerhood: Working on emotional maturity, self expression, attachment styles, ability to face challenges. (27 Jun)
  • Infancy: Healing feelings of neglect, abandonment, or insecurity. (11 Jul)
  • Birth Experience: Releasing any trapped emotions or birth trauma. (25 Jul)
  • Conception to Birth: Uncovering any subconscious imprints from this crucial time. (8 Aug)

This healing is dynamic, and extends beyond you. Getting to know and heal your inner child is a gift that keeps going. Through this programme, you'll also be healing your ancestral lineage and creating a nurturing environment for yourself, and the future generations.

*A digital recording will be provided for participants who are unable to make it for certain dates.

For more in-depth information, please reach out to Sri at +65 9622 0514.