Borobudur Spiritual retreat – July 2024

Led by Sri Mulyadi, Paul Filmer and Henry Phua

5D4N, 18—22 Jul 2024 
$1,888 SGD all inclusive (except flight)

To secure your slot, please reach out to Sri Mulyadi at +65 9622 0514 to register.

This retreat to Java was chosen to coincide with July’s full moon, also known as the Guru Full Moon. The Guru Full moon is dedicated to Guru Purnima during a lunar phase that occurs in the month of Ashadha. Guru Purnima was the day when the first Guru was born, when the Adiyogi transformed himself as the Adi Guru. Until this day, many Hindus, Jains and Buddhists celebrate the Guru Purnima.

Transmission of Sacred Awareness

The purpose of this retreat is to journey deeper and move beyond the boundaries of the self-limiting mind. 

How can we exist within physicality without being confined by it? 

How do we inhabit the body without being solely identified with it?

How does one utilise the mind in its utmost capacity while transcending the sorrows associated with mental existence?

This retreat offers an opportunity for personal introspection and growth, creating space for awareness to delve deep into self-discovery. Our retreat will include paying homage at several Sacred Temples in Java, including the awe-inspiring Borobudur, the world's largest Buddhist temple.

There will be daily sound healing and meditations, led by Sri Mulyadi and Henry Phua. Local priests will be blessing and leading participants all around the sacred temples, with Paul Filmer locating power spots around for group meditations.


18 July: Pickup from Airport, proceed to Sambirejo for exploration. Check-in will be at Amaranta Prambanan Hotel. Dinner will be held at a local restaurant.

19 July: Visiting one of the largest Hindu temple in Indonesia, the Prambanan Temple is a magnificent spectacle and an icon of Indonesia’s cultural heritage. Followed by Sambisari Temple and Kimpulan Temple. Lunch and dinner will be held at a local restaurant.

20 July: Paying respects to Karanganyar, at Sukuh Temple (built in the 15th Century), with similar architectural styles similar to the Maya’s pyramid. After that, we’ll be visiting the glass bridge at Kemuning Sky Hills. Lunch and dinner will be held at a local restaurant.

21 July: We’ll be paying our respects at the Borobudur Temple, the world’s largest Buddhist temple. The temple consists of nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular – topped by a central dome and numerous bell-shaped stupas. Lunch and dinner will be held at a local restaurant.

22 July: Breakfast in the morning at the hotel. Free and easy leisure in the morning, flying back home after.

If you feel called to this retreat, please reach out to Sri Mulyadi at +65 9622 0514. The full itinerary will be shared across once the registration is completed.