Resident Facilitators

Sri Mulyadi

An interest in metaphysics led Sri Mulyadi, Founder of The Blue Lotus, to learn and practice Feng Shui and 八字 (Bazi) more than 20 years ago, and eventually discover her interest in healing.

Since then, Sri has studied various healing practices including breathwork, Access Transformation, Therapeutic Touch and the highly effective Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing courses by Elisabeth Jensen. She is also certified in counselling, practical hypnosis and holistic hypnosis.

Sri’s passion in her work led her to create The Blue Lotus in 2007, and use her gift of healing and intuition to help people recognise and address their issues in life. Besides conducting healings, psychic readings and hypnotherapy, she also teaches Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Egypt. She has trained many healers and is always excited to share her experience and wisdom with others.

Explore Auset Temple Healing and more with Sri Mulyadi.

Paul Filmer

Since young, Paul Filmer has been naturally intuitive and developed a strong connection to nature. He started his healing practice in 2010 after furthering his spiritual development and attending various courses. Originally from South Australia, he now conducts distance healing from his current residence in Singapore and is a facilitator at The Blue Lotus.

Paul is highly experienced in pendulum dowsing, and uses the skill when practising BioGeometry, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring. He is also an Advanced Auset Temple Healer and an authorised Angel Miracles Level 1 and 2 teacher. He uses these various healing modalities to identify the issues holding a person back, heal their physical and emotional pain, and help them overcome their negative beliefs.

Paul has a degree in visual arts and previously worked in the performing arts for 25 years. During his studies, he focused on the philosophies of Jung, Kandinsky, Rudolf Steiner and Herman Hesse.

Henry Phua

Henry started his yoga journey in 2006, where he taught full-time for 17 years in various popular studios, offering a variety of dynamic to therapeutic classes. After a decade of teaching in the mainstream yoga community, Henry took a deeper dive into a more therapeutic path where he started to further advance in Yin Yoga, Sound Healing and other modes of energy healing that work more subtly and profoundly. 

Over the years, He has completed several courses to gain a deeper insight into the influence of sound and energy as a means of profound healing and change. By integrating energy work with alternative methods such as sound, tuning forks, and crystals, Henry aims to assist a greater number of individuals in addressing physical and mental challenges through alternative therapy.

Henry is currently exploring other forms of energy healing modalities such as Usui Reiki, Akashic Records, Lightarian and Auset Temple Healing. He believes that yoga, sound and energy work all together can help one transform and understand their purpose in life by shifting the mindset–allowing one to experience joy, love, gratitude and contentment. Henry hopes to assist everyone in building self-awareness and achieving equanimity in life by sharing these alternative healing methods with more people.

Immerse in Sound Healing with Henry.

Wendy Lim

A passionate explorer of light consciousness for healing, transformation, and ascension — Wendy’s spiritual journey started when she witnessed the healing powers from her grandparents’ depth of unconditional love that knew no boundaries. Inspired by the way they transformed themselves to support their loved ones and community from unexplained medical and emotional challenges, she wanted to continue their legacy, and do the same for the community around her now.

Her curiosity of the Cosmos and the Akashic Records opened her eyes to the work of Ascended masters, Archangels, many Divinities and more; together with the esoteric teachings that she learned over the years, she has stepped fully into her role of helping those who are ready to heal on all levels of their being. Helping many to transform, gain freedom, and move into their fullest potential; onwards to personal mastery. 

Explore your Akasha with Wendy.

Svetlana Rao

Svetlana Rao is a Usui Reiki Teacher here at The Blue Lotus. Her journey started back in 2013 when she was a lawyer, having experienced various health issues and emotional challenges then, she turned towards energy healing and found Reiki and meditation, which completely changed the trajectory of her life.

Despite the initial skepticism about energy healing, she felt a profound sense of déjà vu and a feeling of "coming home” during her first Reiki attunement. This life-changing moment solidified her commitment to the path of healing and self-discovery, and she started to offer Reiki healing to many others after experiencing remarkable improvements in her own health and well-being. She continued her work and became a certified Reiki Master in 2019.

Besides Reiki, Svetlana also incorporates movement, breath work, sound therapy, meditation, body awareness practices into her classes and healing sessions. Her mission is to provide support for those seeking physical or emotional relief, and also for all who are looking towards personal growth and transformation.

Discover Reiki with Svetlana.

Bing Lun Luey

From a young age, Bing Lun's fascination with metaphysics and spirituality led him to pursue understanding and healing. In 2021, his journey took a significant turn as he delved into the practice of energy healing, starting with Reiki. Motivated by a strong desire to share the profound benefits of energy healing with others, he devoted his time to exploring various modalities. Bing Lun has also completed numerous healing courses at the renowned Blue Lotus Singapore, broadening his knowledge and refining his skills.

Today, Bing Lun takes great pride in his role as a dedicated practitioner of Angel Miracles, Auset Temple Healing, and Reiki at the esteemed Blue Lotus. His unwavering commitment to delivering holistic healing experiences goes beyond mere practice; it embodies a deep understanding of spiritual wellness. In addition to his comprehensive training, he provides profound insights through tarot readings that serve as gentle yet powerful guidance for many individuals. With each session, Bing Lun endeavours not only to heal but also to empower others as they confront life's obstacles, and tap into their inner capacity for personal evolution and renewal.

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