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Sri Mulyadi and Paul Filmer are Diamond rank founder of dōTERRA in Singapore. They have been using dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils in their daily life and work for many years.

As a professional healer, Sri uses essential oils to help her clients go deeper into relaxation during healing. She also promotes essential oils to help people facing various issues from including insomnia, sinus, asthma, eczema, stress and many more.

Paul, who has always been connected to nature and plants, uses these pure essential oils as natural health supplements and remedies to fight illnesses. He personally experienced the remarkable healing properties of dōTERRA’s Frankincense essential oil when a polyp in his nose went away after applying the oil.

Sri and Paul are strong advocates of dōTERRA and passionately share the benefits and healing properties of such pure therapeutic grade essential oils to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

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