At The Blue Lotus, we take a holistic approach towards healing to improve your wellbeing and help you lead a more joyful and fulfilling life. So, if you are experiencing physical pain, emotional stress or are simply searching for your purpose in life, energy healing can help ease your problems. Find out why many individuals and organisations are engaging our services.

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Latest Happenings

Auset Temple Healing, Divination, & Trance Channeling

24, 25 September 2022: Auset Temple Healing 1
1, 2 October 2022: Auset Temple Divination
15, 16 October 2022: Auset Temple Trance Channeling
22, 23 October 2022: Auset Temple Healing 1
10, 11 December 2022: Auset Temple Healing 1
TBA: Auset Temple Healing 2

Angel Miracles Psychic Development, Card Readings, & Psychic Mediumship

Intuitive Tarot Masterclass

17, 18 September 2022: Intuitive Tarot Masterclass
26, 27 November 2022: Intuitive Tarot Masterclass

Saraswathi Temple Healing and Divination

Reiki with Justin Saw

1, 2 October 2022: Reiki 2
8, 9 October 2022: Reiki 1
5, 6 November 2022: Reiki 2
17, 18 December: Reiki 3

Crystal Class with Justin Saw

12 November 2022: Crystal Class

Hybrid Tarot with Justin Saw & Eugene Leong

Singing Bowl Masterclass with Cheryl Neo

Mind | Body | Spirit Fair

Coming Soon
3, 4 December 2022: Details to be announced

Coming Soon...

The Blue Lotus welcomes our new space this November 2022.

A contemporary wellness sanctuary that hosts a collective of energy healers and holistic wellness professionals, working together with a newly-curated line of wellness products to serve and support your mind, body and spirit.

We invite you to join us on this new journey. Stay tuned for more.

We provide a positive healing experience

Our facilitators are experienced and highly intuitive healers who provide accurate insights into the problems you face, and make you feel better through our healing sessions.

We genuinely care for the wellbeing of others and view energy healing as a way to promote wellness and positivity in your life.

Many of our new clients come to us because of word of mouth recommendations and positive feedback from others.


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