Awakening Heart with Lu Ka (May 2024, Singapore)

Awakening Heart with Lu Ka

In May 2024, The Blue Lotus and Vivian Tan, will be hosting guest facilitator, Lu Ka from School of Remembering, he will be facilitating the following workshops:

6 Mar 2024: With Lu Ka LIVE from Egypt (Zoom), SG 8PM – Complimentary introduction to Shamanic Heart Healing® and Awakening the Illuminated Heart, with meditation near the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. (Contact Vivian at +65 9226 8680 to sign up)

7 May 2024 – 10 May 2024:
Shamanic Heart Healing® – Level 1 & 2 

11 May 2024 – 14 May 2024: *Awakening the Illuminated Heart – *Drunvalo Melchizedek


SHAMANIC HEART HEALING® is a complete method of using ancient shamanic practices in our everyday lives and healing. It is a series workshops where you connect to ancient wisdom of the shamans with the powerful strength of the Sacred space of our Hearts. 

Shamanic Heart Healing® teaches you two different approaches to healing. One is where the healing is being supported by compassionate spirits, and the other is, where the healing is performed through the Shamanic Healer and his connection to the Spirit. 

In the Shamanic Heart Healing® you will learn and remember that you have a hidden shaman healer within you. 

For Level 1, the 2-day course includes practices and understanding of the basic shamanic work. After the finished workshop you will be able to use the practices on yourself and partially on others. We will also prepare you for the Level 2 of this course. 

For Level 2, the 2-day advanced workshop includes practices and understanding of advanced shamanic healing. 

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For more Information & details, please contact Vivian Tan (+65 9226 8680).


Awakening the Illuminated Heart is a workshop where we remember who we really are, how to create from the Heart and how to activate the natural Merkaba (our Lightbody). 

What to expect from the workshop? 
Remember who you really are and your FULLEST POTENTIAL 
Heal your traumas, emotional hurts, and resentments. 
Experience the incredible power of forgiving from your heart. Shift from fear to Love. 
Remember your own light body, your Merkaba, activate and program it to bring it to its fullest potential. 
Activate the beams of light around your head and the Golden Halo. 
Remember how to communicate with your Higher Self
Tap into the world of inner Imagery with School of Imagery exercises. 
Shift from manifesting from duality to Heart manifestation from Unity. 
Learn how to create and live a life of happiness and bliss. 
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    For more Information & details, please contact Vivian Tan (+65 9226 8680).