Auset Temple Healing — Level 3

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Level 3

Prerequisite Course(s): 
Auset Temple Healing Level 1, Auset Temple Healing Level 2, Secret Codes of Sekhmet and Auset, Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship, and Auset Trance Channeling (as a new requirement). Angel Miracles Trance Channel is not accepted as a prerequisite course.

A miraculous system of Soul and Physical healing given to Elisabeth in the Kings Chamber of the Great Pyramid in 2005. A system of healing previously only known to the Ancient Egyptians Initiated in the Great Pyramid. Alchemical Soul Healing that reconnects the Soul to the physical body allowing for deep healing on many levels.

In this course we connect with Anubis, God of The Dead and Great Protector God of all. An understanding of the Mummification process as being a Soul Healing Process will change your ideas about the Ancient Egyptians. We will also be able to reconnect our clients energetically to their Cosmic Energy Field, thus opening them to high energies for healing. Plus to take them to the Halls of Amenti.

Further details of this course will be given to you in Auset Temple Healing — Level 2.

This is a two-day course with notes and a certificate. Completion of this course will give you the qualification of Auset Egyptian Temple Healing Initiate.