Rare Northern Bali Beach Front Property for Sale

70 Metres Beach Front | 3600 M2 (36R)

Beautiful beach front locality.
With good Feng Shui, carefully assessed by metaphysics experts.
A land with immense development potential.


Easily accessible from Denpasar International Airport with a shortened commute via ten new shortcut points between the South Bali to North Bali region, erected in 2021.

Potential construction of a second international airport in the North Bali region 20 minutes from the land.

Located alongside Villa Ibiza Bali.


With the completion of all ten shortcut points in 2021, the distance between Denpasar and Singaraja can be shortened to 1.5 hours from the initial 2.5 hours.

Title Deed

Potential for Development


From US$2.2M