Auset Temple Divination (Kuala Lumpur)

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Dates: 16 & 17 Sep 2024 (Mon & Tues)
Time: 1000—1800 hours (Daily)
Facilitator: Sri Mulyadi
Venue: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Full Price: SGD $600 (MYR $2,090)

Become an Oracle of Goddess Auset!

Train as a Psychic Oracle of Auset, the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of Prophecy.

Using beautiful new Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards by Elisabeth Jensen published late 2016. These new cards replace her Isis Lotus Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magick Cards. These 44 Oracle Cards will enable you to be able to give yourself & others clear, accurate, wise, specific & insightful readings.

The Auset Temple Divination course is an essential prerequisite to Auset Temple Healing Level Two.

Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards are best purchased in advance to prepare for this course – please read the guidebook prior to the course if possible – and bring your Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards with you please!

Using the process of Divination – i.e. to commune with the Divinities to access their wisdom and guidance & Alchemy – transforming dense physical energies to higher ones through Initiations/Energy Attunements & Meditations – we will transform our lives then be able to give positive, accurate & healing readings for family and clients.

See your own life, understand why situations are occurring & change your future if you wish using Ancient Egyptian Alchemical ways to do this. Sri has much experience in giving readings plus researched this subject in great detail & these simple practices & meditations are highly effective.

A wonderful way to connect with many of the Ancient Egyptian Divinities & receive their messages plus to enhance your Auset Temple Healing One practice. You will be able to offer such wonderfully helpful & surprisingly specific & wise readings to yourself and family and clients. Includes invoking each Divinity, Egyptian Alchemy, Numerology, Past Life Readings plus how to use the cards for medical intuition if combining Readings & Auset Temple Healings. Includes a highly effective Karmic Release Meditation & Clearing by Sri for all students. Plus powerful Energy Attunements/ Initiations to the Egyptian God Horus – to clear & activate your third eye. Plus to Goddess Auset to Initiate you as an Oracle of Auset.

Includes two energy attunements, comprehensive notes, plus a Certificate as an Oracle of Auset.

For more information, please reach out to Sri Mulyadi at +65 9622 0514.