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One (1) session: S$300.00

Ten (10) sessions*: S$2,700.00 (U.P. S$3,000.00; Save S$300.00)
*Non-shareable or transferable.

Twenty (20) sessions**: S$5,100.00 (U.P. S$6,000.00; Save S$900.00)
**Shareable and transferable.

All package payments to be processed via PayNow to The Blue Lotus (UEN 201504828R). You may proceed to check-out and select the PayNow option at the payment page.

Energy Healing

At The Blue Lotus, we take a holistic approach towards healing to improve your well-being and to help you lead a more joyful and fulfilling life. 

If you are experiencing physical pain, emotional stress, or are simply searching for your purpose in life, energy healing can help ease your problems.

Package Options

Our à la carte sessions are priced at S$300.00 per session for the energy exchange.

Our Ten (10)-session packages are priced at S$270.00 per session with a one-time investment of S$2,700.00. Save S$30.00 per session or a total of S$300.00 when you pre-purchase your sessions in a package of ten.
*Sessions in this denomination may only be redeemed by one individual, are single-serving, and non-shareable or transferable.

Our Twenty (20)-session packages are priced at S$255.00 per session with a one-time investment of S$5,100.00. Save S$45.00 per session or a total of S$900.00 when you pre-purchase your sessions in a package of twenty.
**Sessions in this denomination may be redeemed by more than one individual, are shareable across individuals, and transferable.

All packages are valid for and expire 1 year from the date of purchase. All package payments are to be processed via PayNow to The Blue Lotus (UEN 201504828R)You may proceed to check-out and select the PayNow option at the payment page.

All sessions may be used towards both in-person and remote/distant healings offered by our leading resident healer and facilitator, Sri Mulyadi.

In-person Sessions

We offer private energy healing sessions on an appointment basis to individuals looking to improve their physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual well-being.

Our centre in Singapore is a 2,723 sq. ft. contemporary wellness sanctuary located at Shun Li Industrial Park, along Kaki Bukit Avenue 1. Fully air-conditioned with a cosy ambience, it is designed to let our clients experience our private healing sessions, group classes, collaborative wellness events and product offering in a positive and comfortable space.

Remote/Distant Sessions

We also conduct distance healing for fast and effective relief of physical and emotional pain without you having to be present at our centre. This modality is ideal for individuals or their loved ones who are unable to or do not wish to be physically present for a healing session.

You do not need to be spiritual to experience the benefits of energy healing. During a session, we will help you recognise the root cause of the problems you face through card readings, then address these issues and release your internal tensions through energy healing.

Find out why many individuals and organisations are engaging our services. To make an appointment, request a consultation, or simply to learn more about our healing, contact us at or +65 9622 0514 / +65 8338 2528.

About Sri Mulyadi

An interest in metaphysics led Sri Mulyadi, Founder of The Blue Lotus, to learn and practice Feng Shui and 八字 (BaZi) more than 20 years ago, and eventually discover her interest and intuition in healing.

Since then, Sri has studied various healing practices including breath work, Access Transformation, Therapeutic Touch, Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT), Biogeometry, Geopathic Stress, and the highly effective Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing courses by Elisabeth Jensen. She is also certified in counselling, practical hypnosis, and holistic hypnosis.

Sri’s passion in her work led her to create The Blue Lotus in 2007, a safe and inclusive space where she shares her experience and wisdom with others. Besides conducting healings, psychic readings and hypnotherapy, she also teaches Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Egypt. To date, she has trained many healers worldwide and has used her gift of healing and intuition to help thousands of people recognise and address their issues in life.