Distance SRT Healing with Paul Filmer

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Fast, effective and economical relief of physical and emotional pain! Book and pay here and email Paul at plfilmer891@gmail.com or message +65 9320 0029 with any special requests for your distance healing.

Since young, Paul Filmer has been naturally intuitive and developed a strong connection to nature. He started his healing practice in 2010 after furthering his spiritual development and attending various courses. Originally from South Australia, he now conducts distance healing from his current residence in Singapore and is a facilitator at The Blue Lotus.

Paul is highly experienced in pendulum dowsing, and uses the skill when practising BioGeometry, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring. He is also an Advanced Auset Temple Healer and an authorised Angel Miracles Level 1 and 2 teacher. He uses these various healing modalities to identify the issues holding a person back, heal their physical and emotional pain, and help them overcome their negative beliefs.

Paul has a degree in visual arts and previously worked in the performing arts for 25 years. During his studies, he focused on the philosophies of Jung, Kandinsky, Rudolf Steiner and Herman Hesse.