Saraswati Temple Blessings for Healing

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Date: 20 July 2019, Saturday
Time: 1000—1800 hrs
Facilitator: Elisabeth Jensen
Venue: The Blue Lotus

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Goddess Saraswati is the powerful Hindu Goddess of Healing, Wisdom and Intelligence. You will be attuned to her beautiful blue green aqua Divine Energy that is used for healing yourself and clients. We also work with Goddess Lakshmi for Good Fortune, Lord Ganesha for clearing obstacles to healing and Dhanvantri God of Medicine and Healing. This is very effective spiritual and energy healing combined with Blessings from the Gods to your clients.

Includes Energy Attunement and Blessings by Elisabeth for each student plus Course Notes and a Certificate of Completion. Read more under Lakshmi and Saraswati. No Prerequisite Courses required.