Psychic Wellness Fair

Join us for an extraordinary day where boundaries between the known and unknown is at its thinnest. Immerse yourself in a world of psychics, healers, and intuitive experts, ready to guide you on your path to wellness and enlightenment.

Whether you're seeking clarity, energy healing, or are simply curious about what lies ahead, this is where your journey begins. Drawing upon an exceptional array of gifted practitioners, we have curated an extraordinary lineup.

Date Time (hours) Meditation Facilitator Exchange Quantity
16 Sep 2023 1300—1400 Karmic Release Meditation with the Egyptian Divinities Sri Mulyadi $16.00
16 Sep 2023 1500—1530 Past Lives Meditation Linda Danker $0.00
16 Sep 2023 1600—1700 Chakra Healing with Essential Oils Sri Mulyadi $16.00
16 Sep 2023 1700—1800 Angel and Reiki Healing Meditation Justin Saw $16.00
17 Sep 2023 1300—1400 Miracle Creation Meditation with Archangel Hamied Sri Mulyadi $16.00
17 Sep 2023 1500—1600 Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls Esther Wilson $16.00
17 Sep 2023 1700—1800 Biohacking for Success with Healy Device Sri Mulyadi $16.00

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