Resident Facilitators

Sri Mulyadi

An interest in metaphysics led Sri Mulyadi, Founder of The Blue Lotus, to learn and practice Feng Shui and 八字 (Bazi) more than 20 years ago, and eventually discover her interest in healing.

Since then, Sri has studied various healing practices including breathwork, Access Transformation, Therapeutic Touch and the highly effective Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing courses by Elisabeth Jensen. She is also certified in counselling, practical hypnosis and holistic hypnosis.

Sri’s passion in her work led her to create The Blue Lotus in 2007, and use her gift of healing and intuition to help people recognise and address their issues in life. Besides conducting healings, psychic readings and hypnotherapy, she also teaches Angel Miracles and Auset Temple Healing courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Egypt. She has trained many healers and is always excited to share her experience and wisdom with others.

Paul Filmer

Since young, Paul Filmer has been naturally intuitive and developed a strong connection to nature. He started his healing practice in 2010 after furthering his spiritual development and attending various courses. Originally from South Australia, he now conducts distance healing from his current residence in Singapore and is a facilitator at The Blue Lotus.

Paul is highly experienced in pendulum dowsing, and uses the skill when practising BioGeometry, Spiritual Response Therapy and Spiritual Restructuring. He is also an Advanced Auset Temple Healer and an authorised Angel Miracles Level 1 and 2 teacher. He uses these various healing modalities to identify the issues holding a person back, heal their physical and emotional pain, and help them overcome their negative beliefs.

Paul has a degree in visual arts and previously worked in the performing arts for 25 years. During his studies, he focused on the philosophies of Jung, Kandinsky, Rudolf Steiner and Herman Hesse.

Ida Chai Suo Mei

Suo Mei started her spiritual journey at 2007 by learning Reiki. Following that she learnt Auset Temple Healing, Angel Miracles , POV, Family Constellation, Hypnosis and etc. She also started learning “Life Blue Print” (生命蓝图) from Jian Xiang Ting (简湘庭老师) since 2014. Shu Mei comes from Malaysia, and graduated from NUS. She is a certified “Life Blue Print” healer and wishes to share with people a way to find your inner peace within yourself and how to create your own future. The services that she provides are: The Divine Matrix: Through Channelling, know how your vibrations and emotions affect your life, health and reality. It also helps one gain a deep healing and attain a balanced and healthy life. Unique Issues: Helps to dissolve your concern in a quicker way. It will balance, release and heal you from any issue/s that is troubling the individual. For e.g. health, money, love issues, etc. Reconstruct your Nerve system: Release and heal your deep fear and anxiety, balance your nervous system and help to regain back your creativity and prosperity. Recover your talent from the past: Through this healing, we can bring back your past life talents by balancing and healing your past wounds.


从小就喜欢思索人生的意义,喜欢阅读星座、塔罗、算命、掌纹、长相等书籍。2007年开始至今学习过灵气疗法(Reiki)、爱西斯能量疗法(Auset healing)、奇迹天使(Angel Miracles)、知见心理学(POV)、家族排列(family constellation)、催眠。2010年开始接触到赛斯资料,2013年年底认识了简湘庭老师后,就开始专注在学习“生命蓝图”。



Visiting Facilitators

Elisabeth Jensen

Elisabeth Jensen is a Triple Award Winning Psychic and very gifted Spiritual Healer plus the founder and Principal of Auset Temple Healing (formerly Isis Mystery School) Acclaimed International School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis and Angel Miracles Psychic Courses. A former Registered Nurse, Midwife and Counsellor Elisabeth is also a remarkable medical intuitive and psychic healer who works with many Spirit Doctors, Archangels and Divinities to create healing miracles for her clients and students. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Elisabeth has taught frequently in Singapore since 2003. With a mission to teach students to self heal plus to train professional practitioners and teachers in Auset Temple Healing, Hypnosis and Angel Miracles Psychic Courses Elisabeth is a very popular teacher. Elisabeth has led many incredible Sacred Journeys to Egypt and now leads Healing Pilgrimages to John of God in Brazil. Visit her website elisabethjensen.com.au or follow Elisabeth on Facebook.