Auset Past Lives Soul Healing Alchemist

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*Elisabeth Jensen's courses in July and August 2020 have now been rescheduled to occur between late March to April 2022 due to travel restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis.

Date: March, April 2022
Time: 1000—1800 hrs (Daily)
Facilitator: Elisabeth Jensen
Venue: The Blue Lotus
Exchange: $1250.00

A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is required to secure your seat.

Become a highly-skilled Past Lives Regression Practitioner

Prerequisite Course(s): Auset Temple Healing — Level Two, Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship, and Certified Holistic Hypnotherapy Practitioner.

For more information on the course and the facilitator, visit Elisabeth Jensen's website.