ActiSync by Alex Brandin

ActiSync by Alex Brandin

9 Mar 2024: The Art of Being Found, complimentary Zoom Class, 11am SG timing (please click here to join.)

16 Mar 2024: Metamorphic Emergence Workshop at The Blue Lotus

Alex Brandin, creator of ActiSync, will be facilitating a 1 day workshop, Metamorphic Emergence, here at The Blue Lotus Singapore on 16 March 2024.

Participants of this workshop will learn to Activate Synchronicity in their life daily by tapping into an expanded field of consciousness to use Source energy for the highest level of spiritual hygiene, empowerment, and re-creation.

If Activating Synchronicity and Metamorphic Emergence calls out to you and you would like to learn more, Alex will be holding a complimentary group meditation, The Art of Being Found, via Zoom, at 11am on 9 March 2024! 

For the complimentary The Happy CEO Meditation: 'The Art of Being Found' Zoom meditation, please click here to join.

To sign up for Metamorphic Emergence, click here.