Introduction to Singing Bowls

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Date: TBA
Time: 1300—1700 hrs
Facilitator: Cheryl Neo
Venue: The Blue Lotus
Exchange: $150.00

*Spaces are limited due to ongoing regulatory safe-distancing measures. Please register early to secure your space at the workshop.

From tuning the mind to healing the body, Himalayan singing bowls have been regarded as powerful sound healing tools for generations.

Not only are they instrumental for mental wellbeing and relaxation, singing bowls can also be used for cleansing spaces and crystals, managing chronic pain, and promoting overall balance and harmony.

If you have always been curious about how singing bowls work and are looking for ways to cultivate mental clarity and boost your energy levels, or are simply planning to buy a singing bowl for your personal use, this hands-on workshop will cover the fundamental basics such as:

  • Introduction to sound healing
  • Brief history of Himalayan singing bowls and its uses
  • Benefits and different uses for singing bowls
  • How to select a singing bowl
  • Hands-on practice with singing bowls
  • Cultivating a personal practice with singing bowls
  • Everyday mindfulness through energy management and active listening