Lakshmi Blessings Temple Readings

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*Elisabeth Jensen's courses in July and August 2020 have now been rescheduled to occur between late March to April 2022 due to travel restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 health crisis.

Date: March, April 2022
Time: 1000—1800 hrs (Daily)
Facilitator: Elisabeth Jensen
Venue: The Blue Lotus
Exchange: $800.00

A non-refundable deposit of $200.00 to secure your seat.

Be Blessed with powerful psychic knowledge and Secrets by Lakshmi, the Hindu Goddess of Good Fortune and Abundance

A Temple is a House of the Gods and Goddesses, so this means we consult with the Goddess Lakshmi and other Hindu Deities for receiving their messages through Divination to give these psychic readings.

This Divination training will enable you to connect with the Deities. The information in the cards is similar, but far more specific than the usual oracle cards to intuitively understand why you have blocks to your good fortune and abundance and how best to overcome them or simply improve your good fortune. You can then follow the Mantras and personal Ceremonies to seek the Blessings of Goddess Lakshmi and the other Gods and Goddesses to overcome or improve any concerns for yourself and others. 

You will be taught how to give accurate psychic readings using Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards and Hindu Deities Guidance For Good Fortune.

As you become familiar with these 36 powerful Deities, you will discover many ways in which they can guide and assist you in your life. The Cards give specific answers to your questions, as well as methods of connecting with and receiving Blessings from the Deities.

This two-day course includes a set of your own Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards by Elisabeth Jensen plus a Certificate of Completion. It also includes Initiations to connect you with Lakshmi Good Fortune Energy plus the activation of your Third Eye. These readings will be very helpful for yourself and your family, or professionally, for your clients.

The course is taught personally by Elisabeth Jensen, who is a Triple Award Winning Psychic with much experience and success in both giving and teaching professional Psychic Readings. Elisabeth has a close connection to many Hindu Deities and the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses. She has also written the very popular Isis Lotus Oracle Cards (now out of print), as well as her best-selling Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Alchemy Cards.

Each Deity channeled Messages through Elisabeth for the Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards and the answers to each of your concerns, so this means that you will find the information very accurate.

For more information on the course and the facilitator, visit Elisabeth Jensen's website.