Sleep Temple with Tibetan Singing Bowls & Essential Oils

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Date: 12 Apr 2024 (Fri)
Time: 1930—2130 hours
Facilitator(s): Sri Mulyadi, Esther Wilson
Venue: The Blue Lotus

Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temples were sacred spaces dedicated to healing and rejuvenation back in the past. These temples often incorporated various holistic practices, including the use of essential oils and sound healing. 

Essential oils, extracted from plants, were believed to possess healing properties that could aid in relaxation and promote healing. Together with sound healing, through instruments such as Tibetan bowls, Gong and hypnosis – they balance the energies and induce a peaceful state of mind. 

Back then in Egypt, visitors would come in seeking relief from physical ailments and psychological stress, guided by priests and healers who administered these therapies. We aim to do the same, combining a selected combination of aromatic oils, sound healing and hypnosis during our Sleep Temple session; creating an environment conducive to promote the healing of our physical body, mind and soul.

What should I prepare for this meditation?

A bottle of water, your favourite essential oils, crystals and a shawl or an extra outer layer to wear during the meditation session.