Fundamentals of Himalayan Singing Bowls Workshop

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Date: 7 April 2024 (Sun)
Time: 0930—1730 hours
Facilitator(s): Led by Henry Phua
Venue: The Blue Lotus

Himalayan Singing Bowls, also known as Tibetan Singing Bowls, have a rich history dating back centuries in Asian cultures. Beyond their enchanting soundscapes, the vibrational frequencies of Singing Bowls are increasingly recognised for their holistic approach towards mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

The resonating sound waves produced by the bowls create a calming effect, promoting tranquility and alleviating stress. It induces one into a state of deep relaxation, reducing cortisol levels, leading to overall well-being and also better quality sleep. Many individuals report improved sleep quality and a reduction in insomnia symptoms after incorporating singing bowls into their meditation routine before bed.

How do Tibetan Singing bowls help in my well-being?
Tibetan Singing Bowls are also used in energy healing sessions to restore harmony within the body, promoting a sense of vitality. The vibrations produced by the bowls help to balance and align one's energy centres, also known as chakras. The sustained vibrations of the bowls also facilitate a meditative state, and can help you to achieve greater focus and clarity of mind. This heightened sense of awareness makes meditation more accessible and effective.

Who can attend this workshop?
This workshop is suitable for beginners and for those who would like to have a better understanding of Himalayan Singing Bowls, so as to incorporate its benefits into their lives.

A certificate of attendance will be awarded upon completion.

Workshop Outline:
1) Introduction to Sound Healing
2) History of Singing Bowls
3) Types of Singing bowls and Accessories
4) Basic Handling and Playing Techniques
5) Aura Cleansing and Space Cleansing

For more information, please reach out to Henry Phua at +65 8121 7146.
To learn more about Henry, our resident sound healer at The Blue Lotus. click here.